Friday, August 28, 2009

Welcome to the World Mary Harper Copley

Too overwhelmed to catch up on ALL the posts I have been delinquent on in the last 5 I have just decided to post some of my favs over the past 5 months and then start fresh :) Welcome to the world MH :)

Last Pics

So here are a couple of the very last pictures of me with Mary Harper in my belly........WOW, looking back at these you can really appreciate how HUGE I was. I mean, its hard to believe that I was worried that she was going to be too small when she was born.....oooooooh, the irrational fears of a first time mother. Pretty sure those fears are not going to cease now that MH is outside the womb :)


Ok, so I know I am the worst mom-blogger in history of the world so far......what can I say? There are no excuses....I mean, well, actually there are: i.e. the lack of sleep, the inability to get anything done during the day, the being hundreds and thousands of miles away from our families, the husband that travels, etc......but somehow so many of you other moms out there with the same constraits, get it together and keep amazing blogs of your childrens life! For some reason I just haven't been able to get it together.

Alas, its 12:26 am and for some reason I can NOT sleep, so this is my lame atempt to catch you up on the almost two months of life that has past since the most precious little gift from above entered our world. Miss Mary Harper Copley.

Hope you keep reading, I promise that I will do a better job at updating :) And I must admit, the little lady is pretty darn cute, if I do say so myself. :)

xo, M

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

39 weeks + 1 day~

Hey there, just a quick post to update you on baby Copley's progress/impending debut. I am 39 weeks and 1 day today and we had our 39 week appt. at 11:45 am this morning. Everything looks great, blood pressure, urine, weight, baby, etc. Baby is still in birthing position/head down....but despite LOTS of pressure and pushing on my cervix from her head, there is still not too much dialation. :( REALLY hoping that changes over the next few days.

Dr. Caskie went ahead and told us to schedule an induction date for next week if she didn't arrive by her due date (which is Tuesday July 7th). The first availability they had at the hospital was Wednesday July 8th at 1pm, so we took it.

I am still praying for a natural labor and that I will go into labor BEFORE the 8th. I am really stuck on July 4th, just bc I think that would be such a cool bday :) Whit is still betting on July 5th. But really any way that gets this little girl here safe and sound is FINE by me! So, looks like one way or another this little lady will be on her way in 1 week. REALLY can not wait to meet her. Having trouble coming up with projects and things to keep me busy during the day, bc I am so excited and anxious to meet this little girl.

So appreciate your continued prayers!

Much Love, Meredith and Whit

Friday, June 26, 2009

Onesie's and Bloomers

Whit says we are drowning in a puddle of pink.....I LOVE it :)

Monogrammed PINK bloomers
Can't wait to put them on MH's little tushy
All the newborn to 3 month onesies and button ups that I need to wash.....Monday's job!

Soakin' Up the Sun

Bella is glad that it has finally stopped raining and we can actually catch some rays these days!

DC "Girlie" Shower

Susan Clark and Amy Hartman threw the most precious "girly" baby shower for me last weekend in DC. I was just about 38 weeks preggo, so it was so fun to have one last truly girly shower to celebrate MH with some of my FAVORITE ladies in DC. Amy and Susan truly outdid themselves, I mean these ladies know how to throw a party!!  Yummy chicken salad with fruit and pasta salad and magnolia cupcakes, yummo!!!  Everything was just precious and I had the BEST time.  Thank you Susan and Amy for such a fun, creative and totally "me" shower, you guys are wonderful and I am so thankful!!!

Front door of Susan's House
Monogrammed napkins!!!  MHC
The hostesses, Amy, me and Susan
The favors: monogrammed cookies in the shape of a onesie
Amy's two boys RJ and Alex gave MH these pink converse high tops, love them!
precious ruffly bubble from Cary Umhau!
MH's first Lily Pulitzer dress from Katherine Haley :)

Me and Tootie, my DC mom :)
Me and Amy, she is such a babe!
Amy Marie and Me
Me and Maggie

Sarah, Tootie, Erin
The Spread, yummy cupcakes and precious baby girl shoes!

Bassinet collects the gifts 
Beautiful table